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When it comes to home security systems, there is no shortage of choices.
The availability of components and the decision of whether or not to use a monitored system tend to be two of the biggest considerations when designing home security systems that create peace of mind. Fortunately, ViaSound can help customers to educate themselves about these options. The result is that you are able to get the right system for the job. 

First of all, we are able to talk to you about the different components that can be used to create the most effective home security systems on the market. Some options include door sensors, window sensors, control pads, key remotes, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and even devices that can be worn on the body. ViaSound's staff thoroughly understands how and why to use these components and can guide you to make choices that are based on your specific situation. 

For example, home security systems are generally expected to protect us from burglars and other intruders. This may be all you desire from your system. On the other hand, technological advances now allow us to use the same system to protect family members in case of medical emergencies and accidents. With personal emergency response devices, those with medical or physical limitations may be able to experience far more independence than ever before. Should an emergency arise, pushing a button on a bracelet or pendant is all it takes to alert the monitoring station to your need for assistance. 

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