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A professionally designed and installed security system from ViaSound provides business owners with a sense of security that is invaluable. Our full-service commercial security division will work to custom-design a system to safeguard your business.

NEW! Camera-Friendly Lighting

NEW! Internet, GSM and radio alarm communications
ViaSound’ alarm communicators create fully supervised security solutions between protected premises and our monitoring stations. Simple-to-install T-Link Internet alarm communicators (TL250) save you money by taking advantage of your existing network to provide secure communications over a private network (LAN/WAN) or the Internet. GSM universal wireless alarm communicators are ideal in a backup or primary role and are ideal for applications using Voiceover IP (VOIP) or non traditional landline systems such as POTS.

Power and control are in your hands. We have a wide range of keypads that include LCD versions with messages, ICON fixed message and eight- and sixteen-zone easy-to-read LED models.

PowerSeries control panels
The brain that powers your security system is the control panel. A world leader for decades, PowerSeries control panels were recently redesigned to meet the demands of a changing security landscape and the conveniences of home automation. 

Commercial fire panel
Every business is unique. With MAXSYS you can choose the best combination of technologies to expand security or fire protection capabilities as necessary. 

Access control
Monitoring and controlling building access for large numbers of people can be an enormous challenge. To protect your business from theft or damage, MAXSYS allows simple and affordable access control integration with its alarm systems.

Wireless components
The convenience and flexibility of wireless components add value to anyViaSound security package. These multi-purpose wireless devices may be used to arm/disarm security systems from a distance, trigger garage door openers, activate a panic alarm, and much more. 

Smoke, motion & glassbreak detectors
ViaSound’ photoelectric smoke detectors provide reliable smoke and fire detection and are designed to reduce false alarms. Our motion detectors use digital processing to provide a superior analysis of detected signals. Pet owners are protected from false alarms through Vertical Beam Shaping (VBS), a technology that provides alarm immunity for pets up to 60 lbs (27 kg). Glassbreak detectors feature built-in intelligence that makes them “smart” enough to distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other common noises found in the home. 

Battery back-up
Every alarm system ViaSound installs is protected by battery back-up that provides power in the event of an outage.

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